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Why An Overhaul Is Needed by Louise Wise

Here's an unusual post for you and on a subject which I feel must have been a hard decision for the author. I'd love to hear your thoughts.
But first a little about the author and the book.

Married, with four children, Louise Wise lives in England. She is a pharmacist technician by day and a writer by night. She was educated in an ordinary state school and left without achieving much in the way of qualifications; you could say she was the result of a crap school. Hungry for knowledge she enrolled in an Adult Education centre and studied English, maths and creative writing. Whereas other young girls asked for makeup and clothes for their birthdays, she asked for encyclopaedias!

Louise Wise used her general love of romantic fiction and interest in astronomy to write her first book. The book received many rejections stating the novel was too original for the current market, until finally, an agent took the book on but subsequently failed to find a publisher for it. Instead of becoming despondent, it made Louise realise that becoming a published writer WAS possible. She turned her back on traditionally publishing, threw herself into the indie world and went on to publish her first chick lit book, A Proper Charlie and then Oh no, I’ve Fallen in Love!

As for the ‘too original’ Eden it has been such a hit that Louise has now followed it up with the sequel, Hunted. So far, they are both selling well.



 And now for the book:

Oh no, I’ve Fallen in Love!

On the surface, Valerie Anthrope was happy with her life. She had her own brokerage with Sunny Oak Insurance and was financially solvent. But once asleep, she was plunged into a world of nightmares that reminded her she was cursed.
And that meant she couldn’t fall in love. Ever.

Lex Kendal was a multi-millionaire. Women flocked to him, preened and flaunted for his attention. But one woman, Valerie, knocked him back. Hard. It dented his pride and Lex set out to convince himself he still ‘had it’ by pursuing her.

Only he found himself being needed in a way he never, ever, expected and, for once in his life, money wasn’t the answer.

And finally, here's the article - a very brave decision I thought, so I am wishing Louise the best of luck with it.


Why sometimes an overhaul is needed


 Louise Wise

The Fall of the Misanthrope has been re-launched with a new cover and title: Oh no, I’ve Fallen in Love! I should’ve listened to advice when I released it back in 2012. ‘It sounds too literary,’ they said. ‘What the heck is a misanthrope?’ they cried. ‘Awful title,’ they moaned.
But I liked it and I stubbornly stuck with it. My character was called Valerie Anthrope and single so therefore Miss Anthrope, which becomes misanthrope. Geddit? She isn’t an easy person to like and the misanthrope word matched her personality perfectly. I thought I was onto a winner!
It didn’t do too badly in the beginning and I told myself it needed to be out for a year before I saw decent results. Oh how we convince ourselves we’re right!
After that first year, I played around with the blurb and tag lines. I tweeted it and shared it (and begged others to do the same) but to no avail.
So, to all the people and especially my editor Doug Watts, I’m sorry. You were right and I was oh so very wrong.
My advice to those looking for a title is to write a list and then Google each and every one to see (1) how many books there are sharing it and (2) see what the title is matched against (horrible to find later that your sweet romance is matched against an erotic title!). Delete the ones on your list that are too popular or, better, that are the same as yours and also delete those that have something linking to the title that you don’t want to be associated with.
Your list should now be a lot shorter.
Then sit on it for a while, just like your final draft, and go back and arrange them in order of preference. List why they SHOULDN’T be used: too long, too short, too obscure, too cliché…
Narrow your list.

Ask writer friends for their opinion (especially those who have read the book) and take into consideration what they feel. Don’t just ask them what they think, ask them what feelings your title evokes.
And, like me, if your book has been out a while, don’t be afraid of changing it. That’s the beauty of being an independent author.
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  2. pleasure, Louise. Good luck with the book!