Saturday, 22 November 2014

The Christmas Spirit blog tour continues today on author Rachel Brimble's blog

And it's the weekend! Well, it's not an official day of The Christmas Spirit tour, but the book is having a bonus day on Rachel Brimble's blog - another chance to win e-copies of The Dating Game too -

Thursday, 20 November 2014

The Christmas Spirit blog tour - Day 5 - Brook Cottage Books

We're almost halfway through the tour and today it's the turn of Brook Cottage Books to review my Christmas book.
Favourite lines from Jonty's review:
'A beautifully written book full of hope, love and the Spirit of Christmas! An uplifting book that tugged on my heart strings and made me hug those closest to me........and be thankful. Highly recommended!'
See the full review here:

The Christmas Spirit Blog Tour Day 4 - Part II - Star Crossed Reviews

Well it's time for Part II of The Christmas Spirit book tour today, courtesy of Star Crossed Reviews, and it looks like Emma loved it!
My favourite comments from her very detailed review -
'I really enjoyed this book and keep asking mysel...f WHY oh why have I not read this sooner!!!!' 'So I urge you not to make the same mistake as me, read this book now!'
And here's the full thing -

Day 4 of The Christmas Spirit blog tour

Morning all
Yep, we're already on day 4 and today it's the turn of Carole's Book Corner to review The Christmas Spirit.
My favourite line from Carole's review is 'I thought the author really developed each character well for such a short story and I enjoyed it very much.'

Enjoy! And remember you have another chance to enter the giveaway for The Dating Game on Carole's blog

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Day 3 of The Christmas Spirit blog tour - Miss Book Eater

Well, the week's passing quickly. I have to say with all these lovely reviews, I quite feel like reading The Christmas Spirit again, even though I wrote it!
Favourite quotes from today's review are:
'from the beginning it reminded me a little bit of Mary Poppins… and I love Mary Poppins!' AND

'The cakes deserve a special mention! I almost felt the need to start baking for days on end!! I was drooling everytime Natalie was baking a new Christmas cake! I desperately need some recipes'

To see all of Charlie (Miss Book Eater) 's review, click  here
You also have another chance to enter the giveaway for The Dating Game on her blog.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Crooks on Books reviews The Christmas Spirit - Day 2 on The Christmas Spirit blog tour

Well, day 1 started off nicely and day 2 has continued very well. I seem to have made Dawn from Crooks on Books really think as she read. So glad I overturned her objections to some of the characters. They are a very mixed bag! Glad to see she enjoyed it - phew!

Favourite lines from me from her review are:

'This is a lovely Christmas read, that is positive and upbeat, that demonstrates how a friendly ear, welcoming home, good food, friendship and time can mellow and change peoples outlooks to life'
'A contemplative, perfect read for a Sunday afternoon that will raise your 'spirits' and leave you with a warm contented glow'

 Actually she wrote such a lovely, detailed review that there were so many comments I loved, but to see the rest you'll have to read it!

Oh, and for those of you who haven't read it already, there's also the chance to win 2 e-copies of The Dating Game over on Dawn's blog.

Ciao for now

Monday, 17 November 2014

AllThingsBookie book review blog reviews The Christmas Spirit

Yep, it's day 1 of The Christmas Spirit book tour and I'm delighted to say that Julie from AllThingsBookie loved it and gave it 5 stars - see her review here:

My favourite line from her review - 'Will stay with you long after you finish reading it'

Have a good week everyone!