Sunday, 20 April 2014

My Picks for World Book NIght 2014 and How I Got There!

It's almost time - 2 more days (or nights) to go and it will be World Book Night 2014!
I wrote a post a few months ago about which WBN books I would buy purely on the basis of the cover, and I also talked about those I had already read.
Today I want to talk about which of the books, having now read all of the blurbs, are my top picks and which I will potentially be buying on Wednesday.

For those of you who fancy choosing a World Book Night book, here's the link -

Gorky Park, whose cover I liked from the start, has intrigued me further after reading the blurb - set in Russia and the USSR, this thriller by Martin Cruz Smith holds a lot of promise.

Confessions of a GP I wasn't sure if I had already read. I must have read a similar book, as this isn't it. Looks funny and since I can only imagine the avalanche of tales told to the doctor by his various patients, I would definitely pick this up - by Dr. Benjamin Daniels.

59 Seconds - I'm not a great fan of self-help books in general, but have recently been re-thinking this, after editing a Mind, Body, Spirit book. The cover for 59 Seconds is pretty boring, but the blurb had me interested - and since my memory seems to be failing after having had baby Antonia, I could do with all the help I can get! Any book that can get me in shape simply by thinking about going to the gym gets my vote!

CHERUB: The Recruit looks very exciting and novel in that the spy is a teenager, bugging a terrorist's home. Who are best at using computers these days after all?! I am pretty sure I will be buying this - Robert Muchamore - a new author for me.

Vengeance is Mine Inc. and other stories by Roald Dahl. We've all read, I'm sure, many of Dahl's children's books, but what about his adult ones? As a fan in the '80s of Tales of the Unexpected, it would be remiss of me not to consider this, although I am not the biggest short story fan ever.

After the Funeral - I was so sure I had read all of Agatha Christie's books when I finished university, but I don't recall this one, so feel duty bound almost to right that wrong. Apart from being a nostalgic trip down memory lane, it  looks good.

Rivers of London had interested me a few months ago by its cover - I almost gave up when I read the blurb, but I happened to read further down and see 'what we think' on the WBN website and I read that the key witness is a ghost, so it's going on my shopping list (where am I going to get the time to read all of these? Plus I must pick only three!) - Ben Aaronovitch

Whatever It Takes by Adele Parks - I've a few AP books in my home library which I haven't read yet - so I was automatically discounting this book on that basis. Some of her books I've enjoyed and others I thought were just OK. However, this book really does have a premise which attracts me and I think it's a more 'grown-up' book than some of her others I have. There seems to be very little women's fiction on this year's list - so this might have to be my nod to it.

Four Warned - I read all of Jeffrey Archer's earlier books and even got a Pointless answer the other day on, well, the quiz show Pointless, by knowing that Twelve Red Herrings was written by him. Although, as I've said, I am not a huge short story fan, I would read pretty much anything by JA, except his prison diaries. I think this will be getting picked up for sure.

Right, oh dear, I can choose only three (self-imposed limit) - the others will have to wait until I have more time...
so the votes have been counted, the jury is back and - TA DA!!

Gorky Park - without question
Rivers of London - the ghost won out!
CHERUB: The Recruit - for its novel concept

Well, those are my choices, but what are yours? Please note I haven't discussed all 20 books here. Follow the link near the top of the page to find your choice.

Have a great World Book Night and I'll report back at some point on my choices. I didn't do a Sooz's First Quarter Book Round-Up at the end of March, so you have that to look forward to - I will have it once every four months this year!!

Enjoy Easter Monday everyone - can you believe I haven't even opened my Easter eggs yet? That has to be a new record - such restraint!!


  1. I think of these I'd go for Roald Dahl's short stories; though I have probably read them but don't recognise the title. I think I read all his short stories in one collection. They can be quite dark and provide much fodder for pondering. I do like short stories. I enjoy having a quick dip in and out as time allows. I look forward to hearing what you think of your chosen three.

  2. Hi, Susan. Thanks for following me on Twitter and congratulations on your three published books. I see you have a Christmas book with a gorgeous cover. I have one coming out hopefully next Christmas. My web site is and you can contact me by clicking on the red button on most pages. Would enjoy hearing from you by e-mail.