Friday, 28 February 2014

Book Review of Love and Liability - Katie Oliver

Happy Friday everyone - hope you are all looking forward to the weekend. I have a major announcement to make on Monday - so tune in then.
In the meantime, and before I sneak off to read my advance review copy of the third in the series, Mansfield Lark, feast your eyes on the 2nd in the Dating Mr Darcy series, Love and Liability - I gave it a 4.5 star rating.

Here's the blurb:-

Sometimes your sensibilities make absolutely no sense!
Holly James is looking for her big break. A young journalist for BritTEEN magazine, she is dying to write about something more meaningful than pop stars and nail varnish. So when she spots a homeless teenager outside the office, she feels compelled to tell her story. But her evil boss Sasha has other ideas…
Holly is sent to interview a city solicitor she has never heard of. But Alex Barrington turns out to be the very opposite of fusty and boring and Holly’s interest struggles to stay strictly professional!
With Sasha sabotaging her every move, and her story about teens on the street leading her into London’s dark underworld, Holly is chasing both love and success at the same time. But happy endings like that only happen in books don’t they…?

and here's my review:-

I had already bought the first in the Dating Mr Darcy series, Prada and Prejudice and rated it 5 stars, so I immediately started reading Love and Liability as soon as I had finished the first. My rating is 4.5 stars for Love and Liability. This isn't just chicklit - it's so much more. Half way through I was really enjoying it, although not quite as much as Prada and Prejudice, and then, wham! The novel took a much darker turn, which I absolutely loved. It honestly had me on the edge of my seat and I found myself trying to find time to be able to read it, even though I was really busy. I loved to hate the Erik character and so sorely hoped he would get his comeuppance. I had a soft spot for Will - in fact there were quite a few fanciable males in the story! There was the same brilliant humour in the book that there had been in the first, not to mention a similar hot love interest, in the shape of Henry (Alex) Barrington. Mmmm. Backstabbing flatmates, making poor decisions and hilarious Bridget Jones-esque moments for the heroine, Holly, whom we met briefly in the first book were only some of the great reasons to enjoy this novel. I particularly liked the serious theme of homelessness throughout the novel. Once again the novel was action-packed in a way that most chicklit novels aren't, full of great sub-plots for many of the characters. Much darker than the first novel and all the better for it. My one criticism would be I felt one of the sub-plots, to do with HIV, was dealt with too fleetingly. I could imagine all the places the author had depicted and have a clear picture in my head of Chef Russo and chef Louis! And Jamie Gordon wasn't to be sneezed at either, in the love stakes! A very likeable heroine, in the shape of Holly, Love and Liability paves the way for a new breed of chicklit novel, with a bit more oomph. Katie Oliver is shaping up to be an author worthy of everyone's notice. I can't wait to start the third Dating Mr Darcy series novel today.

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