Sunday, 1 December 2013

LAUNCH DAY for The Christmas Spirit

Hurrah! It's finally here. Yep, The Christmas Spirit is stocked high on the virtual shelves and ready for you to just nip along, pick up a copy and delve in! I'm hoping you will make it your first seasonal read, and where better to start, as the story begins on Dec 1st, just like today!

And, I was illuminated by a friend yesterday who told me Hallmark released a film this weekend, also called The Christmas Spirit. Great minds, eh?

Right, without further ado, here's the scoop for today.

Facebook - - party with me from 9am until 10pm GMT/until 5pm EST. There'll be Christmas tunes including requests made by fans and followers. I'm still accepting requests, so leave me a comment here or on FB or Twitter and I will try to include your song. Today we'll be talking about all things Christmas, so movies, food, childhood memories, what would make your Christmas, who you'd like to find under the tree, all of that. There will be themed topics throughout the day. Just pop in for a chat and to share. Anyone attending the FB party will be entered into the ebook draw.

Twitter - I'll be there in between my FB party during the day, but the only dedicated event is between 8-9pm. use hashtag #TCSlaunch to join in the fun. Or check my timeline at susan_buchanan. Anyone entering the Twitter party will be entered into the ebook draw.

So, what's happening? At both parties and here today on the blog, I'm giving away 5 e-copies, yes, that's 5 copies, really, of each of my first two novels, Sign of the Times and The Dating Game to 10 lucky readers. One lucky person will also win £10 or $15 of Amazon vouchers.
But you have to be in it to win it, right?

So, how do you enter? On the blog there will be competitions today through Tuesday. Each day I will pick a winner and they will be entered into the Amazon voucher draw. Anyone who comments on the blog will be in with a chance of winning the ebooks. Please leave the country you're from and your email address or Twitter name, so I can contact you.

If you buy a copy of The Christmas Spirit, just as I did last year with The Dating Game, if you email me your proof of purchase, minus any personal details, eg address, to you will be entered into the Amazon voucher draw.

It will be similar over on FB and Twitter, so join in however you prefer.

So here's today's COMPETITION  - share the best Christmas experience or location you can think of, whether home or away. A log cabin in Aspen, 25 at yours for Christmas Dinner and you're not cooking, or dinner out with a few close friends and no washing up.
No essays, but give us a little bit of description. For example, mine is probably going to be this Christmas. First Christmas for baby Antonia, who will be 9 months old by then and chewing on the wrapping paper. But I can't wait to see her wee face when she sees all those toys on Christmas morning. She won't understand it, but she will love them. And I'll distract her somehow from the rustle of the paper and the popping of bubble wrap, so that she does play with her toys at some point!

And, if you haven't picked up your copy of The Christmas Spirit yet, there's no time like the present. Geddit?! (hears groans at feeble joke). - Amazon UK -  Amazon US

Right, I'm off. Got to get over to Facebook! Tune in tomorrow for another chance to win Amazon vouchers and books.


  1. In my lifetime the most memorable Christmas experience has to be...when all the family {both my brothers inc. the one who lives in Hong Kong, China and my sister} and my mum were ALL together! It is how Christmas should be ~ the entire family together.

    Since then, with my older siblings being busy with their husbands/ wives/children etc. we have met up but only before or after Christmas. I hope in the future one day commitments will allow us all to be together again, although with one of my brothers a Chinease citizen may be a little difficult.
    Nevertheless, i will never forget that extra special year. :)

    Thanks for the festive fun & comp. x

    {Email - lfountain1(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk }

    1. great comment, Lucinda. Hope you get your wish one day, Sooz x

  2. Congratulations on launch day for The Christmas Spirit!

    I think my dream Christmas would be just the family in a cabin in the hopefully snowy Smoky Mountains. A big fire roaring in the fireplace with plenty of hot cider and hot chocolate for everybody. That's what I would love.

    1. Sounds fantastic. I love the Smoky Mountains. I was lucky enough to do business out in Asheville. Beautiful place and I'm liking the idea of hot cider. Must find out if you can just use the regular stuff!

  3. The best Christmas was at our house and we had everyone over- even family from abroad- and it was great celebrating it!!

    @andreastyl and UK!

  4. Mine would have to be when my mom came out of ICU in a different city came back to the town we lived in just in time for Christmas so my younger sis and family came to my house and we had an amazing family Christmas together although mom was still in the hospital but closer to us since got transferred back to our town so was suppose to not live the night in ICU but she did went through a lot with mom but she managed to make it through we brought her up Christmas dinner and her presents she passed two August 2011 this happened in 2010 miss her so much.
    @englishtweetie and Canada

  5. I have many Christmas memories but I think my Christmas experience is being tucked away in Cranberry Cottage (our little hidaway in the woods) with my husband and cat. A quiet time by a warm fire. If we get snow, it makes it perfect. :-)

    Hugs from Holland ~