Friday, 29 November 2013

The Lay of the Land - The Christmas Spirit

Happy Friday! Only 2 more sleeps. I might have to have Saturday off to give me the stamina to get through The Christmas Spirit launch on Sunday!

Well, 'the lay of the land' is  bit of a double entendre. I wanted to show you a little of the landscape around where the novel is set and also give you a bit more info on what to expect on Sunday. I don't really expect you to wake up all sleepy on Sunday and take it all in!
So, here we go.

From 9am GMT/4am EST the Facebook party will be in action.  - click 'Join' on The Christmas Spirit launch party to participate in all the fun.
I'll be taking music requests, playing Christmas songs and some songs related to the book's theme, as well as chatting about all things Christmas: books, movies, traditions, memories, food, drink etc. The party will be on all day and probably until around 10pm GMT/5pm EST. Depends how shattered I am by then!

There will be a short break in the FB action for a party over on Twitter @susan_buchanan between 8-9pm GMT (3-4pm EST)

On the blog on Sunday, you can expect competitions and prizes. There will be 3 days of competitions, with the winners being chosen on Wednesday morning.

You'll be directed to enter the competitions through FB, Twitter or the blog, whichever is easiest for you. Books and Amazon vouchers up for grabs!

So, this is it, the last post before THE BIG DAY.  The countdown continues. I doubt I will sleep much on Saturday night. Very exciting for me - book nr 3! Who knew!

Hope you've enjoyed the Loch Lomond landscapes and look forward to seeing you on Sunday, in whichever medium you choose to participate through!
have a great weekend


  1. Good luck, fellow launchee (I'm laaunching on Tues). Great minds: I'm doing a blog post on Sat on the London locations I used.

    My fingers are ready!! Chilblained but ready!! xx

    1. thanks Carol. Happy to mutually support and good luck! Will look out for post on Sat, although realise it will be pandemonium then! Sooz x

  2. Good luck with your launch. I'm otherwise engaged on Sunday unfortunately but I hope it all goes well for you. :)