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REVIEW AND FREE BOOK! Terry Tyler's newly launched NINE LIVES

Hurrah! It's Friday, although to be honest I work 7 days a week, so it makes little difference to me, although Antonia's daddy is off the weekends, so I get more time to write!

Anyway, before I even show you my review of Nine Lives, cool cover, by the way, did I say that it was FREE for another 4 days?! Amazon links at the bottom of the page.

Here's the blurb!
NINE LIVES is a collection of nine short stories, all of which are contemporary drama in the vein of Terry Tyler’s well-loved novels. The first chapter of her latest one, What It Takes, is to be found at the end.

“I was pleased these were up to her usual standard of entertainment” “A great introduction to Terry’s writing” – A Woman’s Wisdom book blog.

The stories:

"Angel" ~ The perfect wife of the perfect husband is tempted by the fruit of another.
"Shut Up And Dance" ~ Paul says he will love Laura whatever size she is. But will he?
"Mia" ~ The threat of ‘the other woman’…
"Kiss Your Past Goodbye" ~ Zoe finds out what happened to her first love, who broke her heart.
"We All Fall Down" ~ Two old friends meet for a drink – just a swift one, of course!
"Bright Light Fright" ~ A tale of vengeance, a burglary, and a nasty shock.
"Mama Kin" ~ Emma and Melanie have very different approaches to childcare – oh dear!
"Don’t Get Mad – Get Even" ~ Kevin and Marcus have been best friends, yet rivals, since schooldays; who will come out on top?
"Happy Birthday" ~ A forty year old woman looks back over her life.

And here's my review!

A great mix of tales for both men and women

I'm not a short story fan, but I have read and enjoyed all of Terry Tyler's books, so figured Nine Lives would be worth downloading. I wasn't disappointed. Apart from one of the stories, all are modern day. Most people will be able to relate to many of the stories and I would imagine people's favourites will differ. As expected, the author's stories had a few twists. One story totally caught me unawares and I was very indignant and totally in agreement with the protagonist, until the very last line which revealed a huge twist. Maybe some would guess it, but I honestly had no idea. There were at least two of the other eight stories which had twists at the end and I truly didn't see them coming.
The momentum of the stories was good, just the right amount of build-up before the author whipped the carpet out from under us. The dialogue is believable, the prose tight and the nine tales are very different, so there's something there for everyone; yes, even the men - one set in a snooker club.
Of all of Terry Tyler's works I personally feel this is one which is almost equally appropriate for men and women, with problems both can relate to: heavy drinking, adultery, possessiveness, overbearing relatives, getting the wrong end of the stick, too much testosterone and more.
For someone who isn't a fan of short stories, Terry Tyler may just have changed my mind. A resounding 4.5 stars from me

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Tune in on Monday (yes, I'm having a rest this weekend - well, I'm not really, I'm going to be going over the proofreader's comments for The Christmas Spirit) when I will be sharing the blurb for The Christmas Spirit. Not long to go now to the launch!

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