Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Carol's Christmas by N E David - Book Review

I know, I know, it's a bit early for a Christmas book, but well, Christmas books are coming out earlier and earlier each year (except mine!) You may recall I reviewed N E David's Feria last year, which was a humorous, charming novella, set in Spain, which I adored.

How could I resist a Christmas book by the same author? Well, short answer is, I couldn't!

It's Christmas Eve and in Acacia Avenue the lights are on, big style - flashing lights on every house - except at number 26 where Brian sits in darkness waiting for his daughter Carol to come home. This will be the first christmas they will have spent together since Edna died...

My review:-
I'd read and enjoyed N E David's novella, Feria, so I was keen to read Carol's Christmas, as I am a big fan of Christmas books. There must be thousands of people like Carol, who dreads going home for Christmas, but feels it's her duty, especially as she's an only child. Nothing seems to have changed in the house. Her father tries to retain the traditions they previously had, but Carol feels irritated by the very specific schedule her father has set. Irritation on Carol's part at being there, and an awkwardness in communicating with each other seems to be a key facet of the novel. I can say that as I wrote this review, I noticed the cover again and it is very appropriate, pertaining to a lovely scene late in the novel - look out for it!
Carol's father, Brian, will be recognised the world over by those who know a widower, who had been married to a domineering wife; no get-up-and-go, chooses not to socialise, makes little effort. It's no wonder his daughter isn't looking forward to spending Christmas with him. Carol's Christmas is a journey of a father and daughter trying to understand each other and find some common ground. Crossed wires make for entertaining reading. All in all, a heartwarming little novella, an easy read and worth the hour or so of your time.

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And keep an eye out for Nick's new book, Birds of the Nile: An Egyptian Adventure - it couldn't be more different from Carol's Christmas if it tried. I'm lucky enough to have received a paperback copy, so look out for my review early next year. Since I've been to Egypt, I am intrigued!

Tune in tomorrow, when I will be showcasing my first ever book trailer on the blog - that of An Unlikely Goddess by Mohana Rajakumar

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