Monday, 8 October 2012

UNVEILED! The Dating Game cover

Well, true to my promise, here is the first in the start of a series of blog posts, in the run up to the launch of The Dating Game on 2nd November.

As you may recall, I had the Sign of the Times cover re-done a few months ago, by wonderful designer, Brad Covey. He impressed me so much, I asked him to do my future covers. So, here for your delectation is the final cover for The Dating Game

So, there you have it, but how did we get here?  Let's look at the previous versions. I am 'stealing' the idea of showing readers the previous versions, from a very good friend of mine, fellow author Tracie Banister, who did this for the launch of her latest novel, In Need of Therapy.
I suppose you could look at this as a spot the difference game!

This is what it looked like before -

but I decided in retrospect, that I preferred it with just the Happy Ever After dating agency poster and without the side awning.

Before that we had:-

 but I thought my name was too close to the title and would be lost when viewed on Amazon.

Prior to that we played around with the following:-

But I wasn't keen on the door, although I could see the motivation behind it.  A few other little tweaks took us to the next version.
And that's how the cover was made and I love it! I hope you do, too.
My thanks go to Brad Covey, my wonderful designer. He has already been commissioned for my next cover, for my third book, which will  be out hopefully in March 2013. 
You can check out Brad's other designs at (oh, and did I mention, he's also a writer? Very talented boy!)
and you can follow him on Twitter at @bradcovey
Tune in on Wednesday, when I will be introducing you to some stars and famous people mentioned in The Dating Game






  1. I love that Susan! It's so fun to see all the steps along the way. I really like where it ended up :)

    Congrats on the soon to be release!


  2. I am still loving the purple, Sooz! Kudos to you and Brad for coming up with such a fun, eye-catching cover! Very excited to read The Dating Game and I wish you much success with it! :)

  3. I love it!! Particularly the colour as I love purple :)

  4. I am glad everyone enjoyed the cover design, it was a pleasure working on it for Susan.