Sunday, 21 October 2012

Sneak preview of locations in The Dating Game

Well, it's Sunday again, and today, in honour of the sunshine we are currently experiencing (never fear, by the time I finish this post, no doubt it will be snowing) I thought I would share with you some of the locations in my upcoming novel, The Dating Game.

So, today, I thought I would start with some of the Scottish locations. For those Scots who are reading this, hopefully you can smile a bit at some of the places, and for those of you not of this great land (patriotic plug there!), consider yourselves initiated!

There are a few main streets in the centre of the city, particularly for shopping, and the department stores Gill shops in are to be found on this street, home also to Central Station and the St Enoch Shopping Centre.

Nowadays the other main shopping street, home to Princes Square and the shopping centre in the picture, as well as the music venue where Gill goes on one of her dates, is the well-named Buchanan St.  Plus she meets her friend, Debbie, for lunch in Princes Square.

The square below is instantly recognisable to those from the city and shows the splendour of Glasgow in the 1900s, in the form of the City Chambers, back when Glasgow was the second city of the Empire. (If it didn't rain here so much, I'm sure the building would not be so grey!)  Nowadays, on the rare occasion when it doesn't rain, Glaswegians and tourists alike are to be found, sitting on benches in the square, shielding themselves from the volume of pigeons which descend. It's also home, at Christmas, to the ferris wheel and the ice rink. I have been to several New Year concerts in this square, too, although these days prefer to party at home! I stay nice and dry that way!

That was just one example of Glasgow's splendid architecture and some of the other fine buildings are mentioned in The Dating Game, given the occupation of one of Gill's dates.
Among them:-
which isn't actually in Glasgow, but in Helensburgh, but this architect has so many fine examples in the city itself, including:-
a tearoom which does very good scones. The architect is very well-known for the designs on these chairs and also for having designed Glasgow School of Art.

When faced with difficult decisions,  Gill goes for a walk here. And if you can't identify it from the church, how about in the second pic?
Well, that's it for today. I am being told I need to go for lunch now, so who I am to spoil my Other Half's fun!
Have a great Sunday and tune in on Wednesday for more The Dating Game goodies. Plus news on The Dating Game launch (2nd Nov), which is going to be MEGA, plus lots of giveaways and competitions.

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