Sunday, 23 September 2012

Update on this weekend's FREE Kindle promotion

Afternoon! Free promo for SIGN OF THE TIMES is going well. I woke up to #22 this morning in the UK chart. Yesterday, I got as high up the US chart as #140, although I slipped back a bit since. Annoyingly, the Amazon hourly rankings haven't been working since 8am, so God knows where I am now, but the downloads have been good. And, interestingly, after a lot more US downloads initially, the UK has overtaken the US again.
So, if you don't already have your FREE copy of SIGN OF THE TIMES - today is the last day! Get your copy now - &
The one thing that I have been impressed by, even more than I expected to, and I genuinely mean this, is how amazing all my Twitter followers and Facebook followers have been. I have had more RTs than I know how to reply to and have been put in Twitter jail for RT theirs back, as I have gone over hourly limits several times! And then my FB guys, when I told them, I was in Twitter jail, immediately rallied round and Shared my event and RTd me on Twitter!
I honestly can't thank everyone enough - and, on that note, back to Twitter!
catch up soon and enjoy your Sunday
PS Next week I'll be back with Six Sentence Sunday! 

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