Saturday, 22 September 2012

FREE Promo Update for Sign of the Times

Morning! Naturally I was up early, although not as early as last FREE Amazon promo - a more reasonable 7 after a 1am finish. When i went to bed I was at #63 in the UK chart and when I got up I was at #40. I have all my FB and Twitter friends to thank for helping me get there, so now I am just continuing my efforts today and tomorrow, to see if I can get as high up as possible in that all-important chart. Also...
, broke through the top 200 in the US chart, am currently at #187, so am really happy with that - the US being an even larger market. Anyway, off I go again! Back later, Sooz
PS for some reason I was thinking this was Sunday. But just to say, I will not be participating in Six Sentence Sunday this week, due to the promo.
So, if you have been on Planet Zorg and haven't seen my FB updates my zillion tweets you can get your FREE copy of SIGN OF THE TIMES until 8am GMT on Mon (US and other .com)
have a great Saturday and think of me stuck at this laptop whilst you are out enjoying yourselves!!!
Incidentally, the laptop is literally on its last legs. The Blue Screen of Death has appeared recently and twice in 24 hours. I just hope it makes it until Mon morning. Guess I'll be laptop shopping Mon...

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