Friday, 13 November 2015

Cover Reveal - Return of the Christmas Spirit

It's finally here - well, I say that, I inadvertently gave all of my Facebook followers a sneak preview of it on Wednesday night when I set up the Facebook launch party - doh!
The cover! Yes, the cover for Return of the Christmas Spirit.
It would be fair to say that I am very excited about the release of my fourth book (already working on the fifth and sixth books - yes, really) and what better way to get even more excited about it than by showing off my new cover to you. Brad "Genius" Covey has done it again - my wonderful cover designer has taken my comments on board and produced this truly gorgeous cover. I have to say I was worried, as I absolutely adored the cover for The Christmas Spirit, and I was wondering how he was going to improve upon that, but he did.
Anyway, I'll let you decide for yourself. Here's The Christmas Spirit cover from 2013

And here's the cover for Return of the Christmas Spirit - ta da!

You will notice there are similarities, and rightly so; it is a series, of sorts, after all.
Anyway, I hope you like it. Tune in next week for an interview with author and proofreader Wendy Janes, plus I'll be reviewing her debut novel, What Jennifer Knows, on the blog as well  - and a cracker it was too! Then, next Friday I will be sharing the book blurb with you all. Yes! Just to get us in the mood in the run-up to launch day on the 29th November, as things are going to get very exciting indeed - but more on that later.
And, if you've been living on a galaxy far, far away until now, and haven't read The Christmas Spirit, then there's still time before its follow-up comes out in 2 weeks. That said, they are both stand-alone novels, so don't worry if you haven't. In case you need them, here are the links:-

Right, it's bye for now. Off to do writerly things.
Sooz x

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