Friday, 19 September 2014

Introducing Marcia Carrington's Mark's Passionate Heart

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Today I'm hosting Marcia Carrington and her new novel, Mark's Passionate Heart. She has also treated us to a little extract, so read on!

Handsome Mark Allan is new in town, seeking change in his life as incidents from his past have made life in his former town unbearable. His seemingly charming, and relaxed manner hides a passionate heart, which seeks to experience love, and happiness, at any cost. Mark enters the lives of two beautiful women, each exposing a different side to him, but their lives will be changed forever, and things for them will never again be the same...

MARK'S PASSIONATE HEART is the first instalment in a two part series of romance novelettes.

Mark Allan was walking along the esplanade, admiring the scenic sights, and those on the beach. It was a humid summer’s day, and he was wearing his shirt open, as he was really feeling the heat today. His attire was noticed by the many women walking by, both young and old. Some of the older women watched him in a guarded manner, while the younger ones gave him many a luscious glance. He laughed this off inside, but knew this was just people, and life itself. Mark continued on his way up the esplanade, and looked around at the array of food stands which were in existence, waiting for customers to spend their money on them.

There was a hot dog stand, with the attendant there quickly placing the sausage in the bread roll, and adding mustard, or ketchup. The silver metallic ice cream stand was by far the most popular, with people lined up, waiting to indulge their desires for rum and raisin, strawberry, orange, or the many other flavors on offer. There were several sets of tables and chairs where people sat and ate their ice creams, fanning their faces with the one hand, trying to escape the summer warmth. Mark observed these sights, and felt comfortable. He knew that moving here was the best thing he had done, and that life should be much better than it was until now.

Carissa Cain was in a desperate panic, running as fast as she could. She had the impression that a man was following her along the esplanade, and did not know what to do. Carissa looked around to see if there was a police officer in the vicinity, but could not see one. She believed that the man was closing in on her, even in such a public place, and knew she should not act rashly against her own interest. Carissa saw Mark standing on the esplanade, and to her at that time, he seemed to be a handsome, friendly man, who would be no threat to her.
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I'll be back tomorrow with my Romancing September Across The World interviews. Hopefully you've discovered quite a few new authors via this fantastic blog tour run by Rosie and Stephanie.

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