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Excerpt from Charlotte's Restrained by Celia Kennedy

I know, I know, it has been a long time. I  have been neglecting you all - I admit it, but it hasn't been intentional, I promise.
Anyway, I have a few more things up my sleeve in the coming weeks/months for you, but for today let's welcome Celia Kennedy and her blog tour to Sooz's Journal.

Charlotte's Restrained, a comical fictional tale of what happens when the paths of a celebrity god and a mere mortal collide.

While vacationing, Charlotte has a chance encounter with a celebrity famous for his lead roles in romantic comedies. Unfortunately for Charlotte, lighthearted banter develops into tabloid fodder. With her career, friendships, and new found romance all impacted, Charlotte sets about dealing with the fallout of her fifteen minutes of fame.

 Here's a little excerpt for you:

Marian, Hillary, Kathleen, Tiziana and I had met at Oxford. We were all at varying points on the same path, graduate students at the Said Business School. I met Kathleen first. Her long, blonde hair glistened in the late summer sun as she taped up a poster for a pub crawl for American students studying abroad on a lamp post. It wasn’t her I noticed so much as all the guys ogling her wiggling backside as she smoothed down the tape. 

Three days later, at the pub, The Bear, we met Marian. She was there spying on a groom, at the behest of her good friend, the bride. I guess to make sure he didn’t get out of line. 

We were young, easily influenced, and really drunk. We had been in and out of four pubs in the two hours, if my memory served me well. While ordering a round of drinks, we heard people chanting, “Stripper, Stripper!” The next thing I knew, Kathleen’s elbow collided with my kidney as she pointed at Tiziana. 

Tiziana! Every woman’s archenemy nemesis. Think of Sophia Loren wearing a man’s white dress shirt with a long string of pearls and a pair of flashy stilettos. To be fair, Tiziana appeared shocked when she realized the stripper comments were directed at her. You’d think a girl who oozed that much sexuality and dressed that skimpily would get used to being the object of every male’s fantasies. But no. She looked more than a little nervous when a couple of guys drinking with the groom became a little too friendly and suggested Tiziana show the soon-to-be-married man a little mercy.

Marian reminded me of a bull when she was angry: snorting nose, steam out of the ears, crazy eyes. A smart person would back away, slowly. So when Marian dragged Tiziana outside before anything could happen, we were worried for her. None of us knew Tiziana, but still I didn’t think she’d done anything worthy of dismemberment. When Kathleen and I followed them outside to where they stood on the narrow sidewalk, Marian was swearing away in Gaelic at Tiziana, and Tiziana was shouting back in Italian. The two of us just stood back, amazed. 

Just when things had calmed down a bit, a very regal looking woman opened the pub door and took in the situation. “Oh! What luck, I found your… purse?” She handed a bedazzled black clutch to Tiziana. 

Why we burst into laughter, I wasn’t quite sure. I really didn’t even know if we were laughing together or at each other. After we controlled our laughing, Hillary, the regal one, who had let loose and smirked a bit, invited us to go back in for another drink. “The groom’s my brother! I’m here to make sure he doesn’t overdo it. Sorry his friends are such asses.”

We’ve been close friends ever since.
Well, that's all folks, for now.  To get a copy of the book, click here:
http://amzn.to/1sFjJlp (UK) - and it's only 77p at the minute!
To keep track of what Celia's up to, you can connect with her via the means below



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