Friday, 27 June 2014

Guest post by inspirational author Shelley Wilson

Sorry it's been so long everyone. I've been kind of busy, including working on the follow-up to The Christmas Spirit. With a bit of luck I might finish it in time for this Christmas!
For now, I want to introduce you to a very inspirational woman - Shelley Wilson. Her book has made me declutter my house and try to stop procrastinating!
What a Difference a Year Makes.

First of all I must say a huge thank you to Susan for inviting me to be a guest on her blog.  To join the many incredible authors that have appeared before me is a hard act to follow, but I will do my utmost to entertain and inspire!

I am a single mum to three amazing teenagers, I run my own holistic health business and facilitate motivational workshops for women.  I was born in Leeds, West Yorkshire, but now live in the leafy suburb of Solihull in the West Midlands.  I am a Yorkshire lass at heart but I do love my home town (and not just because it won the ‘best place to live in the UK’ award last year!)  Solihull is full of character and full of characters’ – perfect material for any writer.

I was eight years old when I knew I wanted to be a writer, thrashing out my aspirations on my mum’s portable typewriter, but it took over thirty years for that dream to become a reality.

I went from ‘Professional Procrastinator’ to ‘Published Author’ in just twelve months.

On January 1st 2013 I started a motivational blog.  The reason behind my blog was a simple challenge.  I wanted to succeed at completing my New Year Resolutions, so I set myself twelve challenges to complete in twelve months.  These were resolutions I had failed in the past but was determined to complete in the future.

I wrote the first post sat at my kitchen table, wondering if anyone other than my mum would read it.  Never did I expect it to change my life.

I tackled a huge variety of challenges, from weight loss, writing a 50,000 word novel in 30 days, doing a zip wire through Sherwood Forest, giving up Social Media and finding happiness.  As the year progressed I began to receive feedback from readers across the globe.  People were reading, people were engaging and people were making changes in their own lives because of me.  It was the most empowering feeling I had experienced.

As my confidence grew I realised that writing had become a huge part of my life and I was ‘living my dream’,  I was a motivational blogger, nominated for two awards, guest blogging on influential sites and it was at that moment I understood that the only person holding me back from my one dream was me.

So I began to collate my crazy year of challenges in to a book, and finally, after many years of procrastination, I am more than happy to say I did it, I published my book and the reviews tell me it was the right thing to do.

You can read all about my year of challenges, and maybe use them to influence a few changes in your own life, in my book which is available as e-book and paperback from Amazon.

How I Changed My Life in a Year

One Woman’s Mission to Lose Weight, Get Fit,

Beat Her Demon’s, And Find Happiness in Twelve Easy Steps

Where will my dreams take me next I wonder?  Isn’t that the beauty of being a writer – I can go wherever my imagination lets me!

Thank you Susan for the opportunity to share my story with your readers and I look forward to connecting with you all in the future.

Tune in tomorrow - I know, my posts are like buses, none for ages and then they all come along at once! I'm featured on fellow author, Marcia Carring'tons blog

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