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Review of Katie Oliver's Mansfield Lark

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But before it rolls around, here's my review of the third instalment in the Dating Mr Darcy series, and newly released Mansfield Lark by Katie Oliver.

Check out the blurb first:-
Gemma Astley has succeeded where so many others have failed. She has somehow managed to tame tearaway rock star Dominic Heath and stop his womanising ways for good. But just as they find happiness, Dominic’s secret aristocratic past becomes public knowledge, and jeopardises everything.

Dominic is actually Rupert Locksley, heir of Mansfield House, a crumbling stately home that needs major financial investment to save it from ruin.

Dominic’s mother pleads for his help, but his father, the Earl, is on the verge of disinheriting him. Meanwhile Dominic’s new status as Mansfield’s long-lost heir attracts the attention of cut-throat socialite Bibi Matchington-Alcester, who means to make him hers at any cost.

Gemma and Dominic will need to test the strength of their foundations – as well as those of Mansfield House – if either are to remain standing.

And here's what I thought:-
I'd already read the first two in the series and awarded them 5 and 4.5 stars respectively. It was wonderful to meet some of the same characters again, from the first two books and find out more about how their lives had progressed. The wild, rock star son was taken back into the fold to try to assist with the family's ailing fortunes. Weddings were a main theme in this novel, but it was very much, will they, won't they? I was surprised at one of the choices, but ultimately pretty happy with it. The heroes in these books are men you'd love to meet yourself, although naturally they aren't perfect. Who is? I loved the rivalry between the mother-in-law and the hostess of the wedding. But my favourite character, to hate, had to be Bibi. She was unspeakably terrible, as she herself would no doubt have phrased it! The tempestuous relationship with Gemma and Dominic made for fun reading - think things thrown, much flouncing out of rooms, or throwing of dummies out of the pram! The introduction of a mystery man late in the novel made for an interesting aside and paved the way for future novels in the series, I think. The love triangle between Natalie, Rhys and Jamie only deepened in this third novel, and I couldn't quite figure out who I wanted her to be with. I didn't think there was quite as much action in this final novel, although there was plenty of drama (and drama queens!) but all in all a great, fun chicklit read. I read all three books back to back and would love to know what happens to them next. I will definitely be reading more by this author. 4 STARS

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  1. Thanks for the review! I'm in great need of some light escapism reading and shall go to Amazon and try all three.