Monday, 3 February 2014

We Love Romance Excerpt Day

It's Monday and that means, on with the show! That's right, it's the first post in the We Love Romance two week long event.
For my part, I'm sharing an excerpt from The Dating Game - well, it's that time of year isn't it?! Hope you like it. But, don't stop there. Hop over to the 9 other participating authors' blogs and check out their excerpts, and whilst you're there, why not enter their giveaways - each author has their own individual prize and there's also a Grand Prize of an e- book from all of the authors - 10 books in all - well, you can't say fairer than that, can you?
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Hope you enjoy the excerpt!

Not one to stay annoyed with Debbie for long, Gill said, ‘I’ve got something to tell you.’

‘Well, I know you can’t be pregnant,’ Debbie joked.

Gill looked at her sternly. 


‘I’ve joined a professional dating agency.’

Debbie’s vodka and coke sprayed out of her mouth and all over the sofa they were sitting on.

‘You’ve what?’ Debbie shrieked, then slunk down low in her seat, realising she had shouted out loud.

Keen not to draw any further attention to them, Gill whispered, ‘You heard.’

‘A dating agency?  Really?  No point asking why of course, but, really?’

‘Yep. I saw an ad on a bus.’

Debbie gawped at her friend as if she were deranged and had just admitted to joining a satanic cult.  ‘Oh, that’s OK then.  If it was advertised on a bus, it must be a reputable company,’ she said in despair.

‘Oh, c’mon,’ Gill said impatiently. ‘of course I checked it out.’  Actually the furthest she had gone was to read their credentials and testimonials on their website, but on reflection she had seen something about them belonging to an association, like ABTA.  No, ABIA.  She gathered it must be similar to the ABTA scheme for the travel industry, but for dating agencies.  She made a mental note to check it out and see exactly what it covered.

‘Well, if they set you up with any dates, we’re coming, too,’ Debbie said firmly.

‘What?’ said Gill.

‘You’re not going on your own,’ Debbie was emphatic.

‘Oh right, I’ll really be able to relax with you sitting at the next table,’ Gill said sarcastically.

‘Better than ending up chopped up into small pieces and left to be devoured by wolves in a wood.  Seriously, Gill, if you are going on a date with someone we don’t know, at least one of us has to be close by.  Maybe next door?’

Gill mulled this over, saw the sense of it and said grudgingly, ‘OK. But under no circumstances are you to come into the bar we’re in.  I’m not good at pretence, as you know.’

Debbie did know.  Gill was a terrible liar.

‘So, have you had any suitors yet?’ Debbie asked.

This time it was Gill who almost spat out her drink.  ‘Suitors?  What is this, the nineteenth century?  It’s not that long since I last had a date.  I realise you’re insisting on chaperoning me, but really, suitors?  Next you’ll be talking about him having to wait in the parlour for me when he comes to pick me up.  And before you say it, no, he won’t be coming to pick me up, just a turn of phrase.  Of course we’ll be meeting in a neutral environment.’  Gill had been reading Happy Ever After’s Dos and Don’ts.


Dos & Don’ts of Dating



Meet in a neutral place.  Under no circumstances invite your date to pick you up from your home

Wear smart, but casual clothing

Be positive and friendly

Listen to your date and allow them the opportunity to talk

Exchange e-mail addresses or phone numbers if you want to see them again

Be honest – if you want to see them again, say so.  If not, thank them for a nice time and say it was nice to meet them.



Accept a lift from your date until you know them well enough

Complain all the time

Talk about past relationships, apart from fleetingly

Insist – if they want to call you, or get in touch, they will

Give out your home or work address


‘OK.  So have you had any potential dates yet?  Is your removal from the shelf imminent?’ Debbie asked.

‘Not yet,’ Gill said.  ‘It’s too early.  I only confirmed my profile today.  But the woman did say she had a few men in mind for me already, so maybe I’ll hear something soon.’

‘Well, I suppose as long as we’re going to be there to watch your back, I can’t complain,’ Debbie said.


‘Well, you don’t think I’m coming by myself, do you?  Sitting around in a bar like a right saddo.  The girls will need to come.’

‘But I haven’t told them yet,’ wailed Gill, ‘and I really wasn’t intending to until I absolutely have to.’

‘I think absolutely have to comes when you arrange your first date,’ Debbie pointed out.

That's all folks!! I'd love to hear your dating stories and particularly internet, blind date or dating agency experiences. Feel free to leave a comment and don't forget to

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Tune in on Thursday for the next exciting instalment!! Have a great week and hope we are getting you in the mood for Valentine's day! 


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