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Interviewing Gill from THE DATING GAME

It's a new week and it's the final post in the We Love Romance Valentine's event. Today myself and the other participating authors are interviewing one of their characters. With Valentine's in a few days, I figured it made sense to interview the protagonist of The Dating Game, Gill.

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Sooz - Good morning, Gill, nice to have you with us and thanks for agreeing to this interview.
Gill - No problem.
Sooz - So, many people are finding their partners online these days, or through less conventional methods.  I believe you’ve now joined a dating agency. Did you look at other dating mediums before signing up?
Gill - Yes, I think you’re right. Lots of people seem to find their other half through the click of a mouse. I didn’t really want to do that, although I’m sure Lisa thought several times about setting up a profile for me without my knowledge. Fortunately I made the decision to join the agency before she could take such drastic action. Lord only knows what the profile would have read! And yes, I did a bit of speed dating, but I wouldn’t say that was wildly successful!
Sooz - Speed dating? Now that sounds both fun and interesting. Why didn’t you think it was successful and were you nervous before you went?
Gill - Hmm...not really, or at least I didn’t think so. It was all so clinical and to be honest, a bit frenetic too. You only had three minutes to talk to people and as Glaswegians naturally talk fast anyway, I felt as if I was being bombarded with information. My head was throbbing when I eventually left. I did get two numbers, and who knows, perhaps if I had called either of them, there might have been the possibility of something happening romantically, but it didn’t feel right to me.
Sooz - Hmm, yes, it’s got to feel right. So, what kind of men did the speed dating attract?
Gill - Not to be unfair, but there was no-one there higher than a seven. I think it would be fair to say the women had made more of an effort in getting dressed up for the occasion. Some of them looked as if they hadn’t even brushed their hair,  and a few could have done with being introduced to deodorant and mouthwash.
Sooz - Ugh! So, tell us how you came to join a dating agency and how big a step was it for you?
Gill - Well, I was on a bus one day and there were all these adverts on it, you know the sort: teeth whitening, tanning, nails, etc. And then there was one for this dating agency for professional people, Happy Ever After. I didn’t think at the time I’d do anything about it, but the name is kind of catchy and I found myself later that day popping their website into Google to check them out.
Sooz - Interesting. So, professional people. What did they mean exactly by that?
Gill - Well, I think they were aiming at lawyers, doctors, accountants, those in managerial positions, company bosses, engineers,  that kind of thing, although there were a few who didn’t fit into that category. The monthly fees are really quite expensive and the joining fee, even half price was pretty exorbitant, so I don’t imagine many of those who are just having a bit of a laugh on some of the free online dating sites or paying minimal amounts of money, would be happy to fork out the sums involved at Happy Ever After.
Sooz - So, you’ve been on some dates already, haven’t you? How have you found them so far? Is it what you expected?
Gill - Yes, I’ve been on a couple of dates already. I didn’t really have any expectations, I was just hoping to meet some nice men. So far they have been nice, but it’s early days.
Sooz - That’s great! What can tell you us about the men you’ve dated so far from the agency?
Gill  - (looks lost deep in thought) Well, Anton is a 38-year-old Russian scientist, who is very tall, 6’ 3 and is really quite dreamy. There’s no other word for it.  He has quite outlandish hobbies, though, including Zorbing!  Charlie is a sexy as hell surveyor, 44 years old, separated, and he has a daughter. He looks great in a flying jacket - think Tom Cruise in Top Gun, but much taller. And Sean, well, everything was going well with the cheeky chappie Irishman - I love Irish accents, don’t you? But then he spoiled it all. (Gill goes quite at this point and doesn’t elaborate)
Sooz - Right! (Sooz decides not to pry re Sean and moves on) So can you share your dating profile with us? Give us a few pointers?
Gill - Well, I was kind of given some idea of what might be needed by the lady who runs the dating agency, Caroline Morgan, who I must confess was pretty intimidating.
Sooz - Oh, in what way?
Gill - Well, she was a tall, Nordic beauty, clearly married - she had a ring on her finger and she was just so confident. I did find myself stretching the truth a little on my profile, but I kind of thought who doesn’t, and having my own recruitment agency, I am so used to everyone being economical with the truth on their CVs.
Sooz - Ah, yes, I think a little stretching of the truth is to be expected. What did you embellish?
Gill - Well, let me show you my profile and then I’ll explain.

Candidate Profile

Name:  Gill McFadden
Age:  37
Lives:  Glasgow
Occupation:  Company Director
Qualifications:  BEng
Height: 5’7
Marital status:  Single
Smoker:  No
Interests:  Socialising with friends, going to the cinema, eating out, Zumba, travelling and ice skating.
Further information:  From Glasgow, I qualified as an engineer, but then moved into Recruitment Consultancy.  I set up my own agency three years ago.
Looking to meet:  Someone in their late thirties to late forties, who is open, honest, fun to be with and who can be relied upon.  It would be good to meet someone who is open to trying new activities.

Sooz - That looks quite good. And you have some varied hobbies on there.
Gill - Yes, well, I haven’t actually been ice-skating since I was a teenager. I have absolutely no idea what possessed me. I think it might have been because when Caroline was talking to me about hobbies, I was thinking what are those? I run my own business - currently a two person affair, so I put in some pretty extreme hours. I don’t have time for a social life, never mind the time to try to get one. That’s why I joined the agency. And then, Zumba. I’ve never actually been. I did sign up for a class, but I had to work late that night in the end, so I still haven’t been. Apart from that the rest is true.
Sooz - Well, I think we can let you off with that. Thanks Gill, it’s been a pleasure meeting you and I hope your dates continue to go well. I’d love to hear how you get on.
Gill - You’re welcome and thanks, me too!

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