Monday, 20 January 2014

Sooz's favourite indie authors

Happy Monday
Last week it was pointed out to me that there were no indie authors on my list of favourite authors. This isn't because there aren't indie authors I admire and whose works I will buy over and over, but rather it's down to two things 1) most of those I have read only have 1 or 2 books out and 2) the indie movement to me is still relatively new - I had never read any until 2012.
However, I thought this week I would identify those who have aroused my curiosity enough for me to buy more than one of their books and also those whose new releases I am hotly anticipating.

In no particular order
Tracie Banister - author of Blame It on the Fame (very appropriate for Oscars' night - get your copy now - you won't regret it!) and In Need of Therapy. Her next book, I hope will be out later this year.
Chick lit.

Samantha-Stroh Bailey - Finding Lucas -  I am impatiently awaiting her 2nd novel as this one had me laughing in the way Bridget Jones's diary did. Chick lit.

Meredith Schorr - I've loved Blogger Girl, her latest release and A State of Jane and I downloaded her earlier book, Just Friends With Benefits on Christmas Day, so I have that to read soon. If she releases any more this year, I'll be snapping them up.
Chick lit.

Terry Tyler - by far the indie author whose books I have read the most. I know she is working on a new novel at the minute, so I expect to see that later this year. She has had 6 novels and a collection of short stories which I've read and enjoyed. I now can't decide which my favourite is. For a long time it was Nobody's Fault, but I think it might actually be The Other Side. I did, however, particularly enjoy Dream On, the first in her stories about the rock band/TV talent show characters.
Women's fiction (generally - some of them are suitable for men, too)

E J Greenway - I am told the follow-up to Party Games will be out this year. Absolutely loved this book, so very keen to see how it's going to continue.
Political intrigue & relationships, set around Westminster.

Sarah Louise Smith - Amy & Zach & Izzy's Cold Feet - I'd fancied the first book for ages and bought them both at the end of last year. Writing The Christmas Spirit meant I haven't had as much time to read as I would like, so I haven't got around to reading them yet, but it's not often I buy 2 books at the same time, by an author I haven't read. I have a good feeling about these.

N E David  - Feria, a comic novella, set in Spain; Carol's Christmas - another novella; and then Birds of the Nile: an Egyptian adventure - all fantastic works. His first novel, Birds of the Nile is my favourite and I would read anything else he writes.
Contemporary fiction

Francine Lasala - I loved The Girl, The Gold Tooth and Everything. It was a bit of a thriller and very sinister. I then downloaded, but haven't had a chance yet to read, her previous novel, Rita Hayworth's Shoes, which I believe is a romance/comedy/mystery.

Cat Lavoie - Breaking the Rules was the first of Cat's books I've read and it had me in stitches. Her recent release, Zoey & The Moment of Zen is on my wishlist.

Whilst not exhaustive, these are just a few of the indie authors who for me merited a second look and I either wasn't disappointed or don't expect to be!

Right, I'm off to read for a bit before the baby wakes up. Would love to hear all about your indie author discoveries.
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  1. Thanks so much for the lovely mention; I'm in good company!

  2. Thank you so much, Sooz! I'm thrilled to be included in your list with all these lovely writers! :)

  3. Wow, I'm honored! Thanks, Sooz!! xox