Monday, 2 December 2013

The Christmas Spirit - Competition Nr 2

Thanks first of all everyone who bought The Christmas Spirit yesterday and who participated at my FB and Twitter events. I was overwhelmed by your support and really appreciated it.
Now to the second of my three competitions. I say competitions, but really it's your stories I want to hear and I will pick my favourite one each day to go into the Amazon voucher draw. Also, anyone commenting goes in the ebook draw.
You can invite six people to Christmas dinner - living or dead - they can't be family or friends (they'll be there, too - who would you invite?
Leave your name, country and email or twitter handle, so I can contact you.
And if you haven't picked up your copy yet of The Christmas Spirit, no time like the present. At only £1.53, or $2,99 it's less than the coffee you'll drink whilst reading it! - UK -  US

Log in tomorrow for the third and final competition. I will choose the three winners to go into the Amazon draw on Wednesday morning, to allow people in various time zones to have a fair chance.
Good luck!


  1. What a fun, festive question! I would invite JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis {two writers whom i greatly admire & who i would probably overwhelm with questions!}. David Suchet as he is one of my favorite actors, Nigella Lawson {as she would be great at cooking the xmas feast!} and John Hurt simply because he's amazing!

    Happy Christmas. x

    {Email ~ lfountain1(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk }

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  3. Hmmm I would invite Jamie Oliver as I absolutely love him, Luke Mitchell as he was great in Home and Away and Lincoln Younges from HAA, Melissa Nathan who is an author and I discovered her a few years ago but did not even know she had died, so would love to know her. I would invite the Glee kids in the show Glee and Cory Monteith obviously, God rest his soul! My last invitee would be Enid Blyton as the stories were amazing and I would love to chat about them!

    Twitter: @Andreastyl, London!

  4. I would invite Madonna & Sting (for party entertainment), Jane Austen (for juicy gossip and to know who her inspiration for Darcy was... please), Pythagoras (I just really want to hang out with him & his "intellectual" crowd), Agatha Christie (to provide the murder mystery event) and Julia Donaldson (to scare us all with Gruffalo stories).

    All amazing people - it would be the most fascinating evening EVER!!!!

    Ha ha


  5. I would invite Michael Buble for some lovely musical entertainment. Next I would invite Jennifer Lawrence because she's so incredibly funny and smart and I really admire her. Jane Austen would receive an invite too: she inspires so many female writers and readers, for centuries now! I wouldn't mind Anne Boleyn at the dinner table too, for some inside Tudor court gossip and Rupert Grint. I just love him. My 6th and final guest, my guest of honor would be.... J.K. Rowling. I don't think this asks for an explanation ;-)