Monday, 23 December 2013

Sooz's 4th Quarter Reading RoundUp

Yep, it's that time - the end of the quarter - well almost and I know I won't get much reading done between now and the end of the year, although I'm hoping to finish my current read.

First of all, here's the list I set myself in January -
and here's how I had done against that in June -
and September

I haven't managed to read as much this quarter, what with writing, editing and releasing my own new book, The Christmas Spirit. But I have managed some.
In December I like to read mainly Christmas books, and I'm currently reading my first ever Lindsay Kelk book - I Heart Christmas - I'm enjoying it and find her sense of humour to my liking, so so far it's a 4 star from me.

Carole Matthews' Calling Mrs Christmas is a fantastic Christmas book - especially if you like the idea of going to Lapland and bizarrely features young offenders - not exactly what you would expect in a Christmas book and all the better for it. 4.5 stars from me.

Merry Chick Lit - reviewed on the blog last month, six festive short stories by some great authors - with all proceeds going to a New York cancer charity - solid 4 stars. Everyone will have their favourites - I had 3 that I preferred.

Carole Matthews' A Cottage by the Sea - I liked the story, although it wasn't my favourite, so only 3.5 stars.

The Accidental Husband by Jane Green - I've been reading Jane Green books, as I have Carole Matthews for over a decade. Loved this book - solid 5 stars.

Nine Lives by Terry Tyler - I'm not a fan of short stories, but I have to say I really enjoyed this collection. I guessed very few of the twists and was the direction some of them took. 4.5 STARS

Don't Want to Miss A Thing by Jill Mansell  - again, I've been reading Jill's books for more than a decade and I adored this book. 5 stars

Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn - loving this, but stopped reading it, as it's December and I want to read Christmas books. It was very difficult I assure you, as it's fantastic, worthy of all the hype.

And actually, that's all I've read this quarter, apart from about 15% of Modogamous by Karen E Martin, a YA rom com read. I've not read very much YA stuff, so this should be interesting.

I've apparently read 47 of my 50 book challenge on Goodreads (I'd revised it from 35 to 45, then up to 50 and now I'm going to fall short most likely)

But, what did I buy? (which I still haven't read)
Doubting Abbey - Samantha Tonge - her debut novel
Things We Never Say - Sheila O'Flanagan - have bought all of her books, why stop now?!
Izzy's Cold Feet - Sarah Louise Smith
Amy & Zach - Sarah Louise Smith
Actually, I was quite good last quarter!
I'd love to hear your recent book discoveries and recommendations.

Anyway, tune in next week for Sooz's Book Awards 2013



  1. Thanks for mentioning Nine Lives! Interesting that you like Shelia O'Flanagan; I had never heard of her until a reviewer said that 'Nobody's Fault' reminded her of her stuff - and that is your favourite of my books! I see from this collection that you're veering more towards uber-chick lit, though!

  2. Hi, Sooz. Delighted to hear you are reading Modogamous now. :) I actually wrote it as more of a NA (New Adult) book than a YA book (when I think of YA, I think of teens, whereas I wrote the book for 18+). Looking forward to hearing what you think of the book. Also, I had to laugh at the 15% just made me think about how having e-readers is making us reframe the way we talk about books (being "15% finished" rather than "four chapters into the book," for example).

    Nancy Drew & CS Lewis were my clear favorites as a kid. Haven't heard of The Magic Faraway Tree but looking forward to checking that one out. :)

  3. BTW, here are a few of my recommended reads from recently. :)