Monday, 16 December 2013

Sooz's 41st Birthday Post

Well, it’s that time again - birthday time! Hurrah! I am now 41! It does, however, seem a wee bit of an anti-climax after being 40. I know some people dread milestones, but both when I turned 30 and 40, I had no such qualms. On approaching 40 I was 6 months pregnant and had just released my second book, The Dating Game.
So what was it like being 40? Amazing, magnificent, wonderful - and I’m not kidding. OK, a lot of this we can attribute to ‘life begins at 40’ and in my case literally. Antonia was dragged into the world (she was very cosy in the womb) on 22nd March and after that the world became a different place for me on many levels.
But the first two months were great, too, as I marketed my newly released book and started writing What If. Seven months into my pregnancy and I really wasn’t writing so much - turns out baby Antonia was back to back, which I can tell you is freakin’ painful, so months 7-9 were uncomfortably spent on a Swiss ball!
I spent the first few months of motherhood in a state of love and complete bewilderment and being perpetually tired, but it’s amazing how you adapt.
Then it was baby massage, Rhymetime at the library and walks with my girl. They really should extend maternity leave in the UK...
I’m an older mum at 40, but I’m glad I waited - every moment I have with Antonia is amazing and I appreciate every second. I swapped going out to dinner for bathtime with Antonia and working out for playing games with the baby - peek a boo never fails to amuse.  I’m so glad I can work from home and be there to capture every smile, tentative crawl, puzzled expression as she tries to slot shapes into a sorter.
Anyway, I suppose what I’m trying to say is being 40 has been brilliant. I eventually even got around to writing another book, quite by chance, The Christmas Spirit and it has really got me in the mood for Christmas, a time of year I really love and all the more special this year, as it will my cherub’s first. I am pretty sure I will be more excited than her, but she’ll grow into that - she has my genes after all.
So, what about being 41? I just hope it’s as great as being 40, but it has a hell of a lot to live up to!
By the time you read this, if I’m lucky, I will be having a massage or a facial - my dad is babysitting for a few hours to let me have some ME time! Then I aim to read before coming home to birthday hugs from the bambina.
I thought I’d do the European thing and give you a present on my birthday - so an e-copy of my first novel, Sign of the Times and an e-copy of The Dating Game are up for grabs.

All you have to do is leave a comment on the blog telling me your best birthday in the past five years and what made it special. I’ll choose the two I like best and announce the winners on Dec 18th. Please leave your email or Twitter name, so I can contact you.
Right, off to blow out the candles on my cake
bye for now




  1. Just a quick note to say Happy Birthday, love! All the best!! xox

  2. A very happy birthday to you! My best birthday in the last 5 years would have to be August 2011. We were only weeks away from moving in to the house we had been designing/dreaming about /building for two years. I wandered round the empty house, (which wasn't easy as there was no staircase and only a wobbly ladder) and tried to imagine what our new life in the country was going to hold for us. It was such an exciting time and I'll never forget the anticipation I felt on that day.
    Cathy x

  3. Happy birthday, me duck!!!! Have a good one xx

  4. Well, I don't remember exactly what age I was turning, but a few years ago, some good friends stayed overnight with our kids so we could stay in a hotel downtown for the night. Dining out with my hubby without any rush to get home was lovely followed by a special return home. I remember wearing slightly more glamorous clothes that morning, much like the clothes you wear the day after your wedding. The kids and our friends had made a cake and decorated the house for a me with flowers, and we had a mini-celebration. I hope you have a festive and special birthday and enjoy every year in this life. All best, Josie

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! you have a Looong way to go to catch up with me! I think you have had a wonderful year... a new daughter, being a great mum and managing to get a book out! What a star!!! Hope the next year is even more successful for you! *BLOW* there - you needed some help with All Those Candles, didn't you!

  6. Happy Birthday, Sooz! My youngest son and I have February birthdays four days apart. Two years ago, we (my son and I - he was turning 4 - I was turning a bit older than that) took the whole family to Great Wolf Lodge - a huge indoor water park in a huge log cabin-style hotel. We spent the weekend riding the water rides, swinging from ropes, and splashing around on inner tubes while the world was bundled up and cold outdoors. I got milkshakes, balloons, and high fives from my kids as they watched mommy ride "the Tornado!"

  7. Happy Birthday! Hope 41 surpasses the brilliance of 40!

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! You are getting into the good years. I will be 51 on January 13th, it hasn't been too bad. (Except for some health issues,MS,Diabetes and a few other things) I have to say my best birthday was last year because 15 days later I was scheduled for back surgery. If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn't have done it. It was my best because I had pain, but now I have different pains and it hits the scale at 10 most days. So 50 was good for me!!

  9. Happy Birthday, Sooz! Loved reading this as I also had my child at 40! I chased a couple of professions before I had my son (architect and trial lawyer) but then stayed at home with my son (as I wrote Thin Rich Bitches, et al) and just loved having time to write. BTW, your dad is a saint - there is no greater gift to give a new mom than a few hours to spend on her needs!

  10. Hope you had a lovely birthday, Sooz xx

  11. Happy birthday Sooz. Wishing you the best!