Sunday, 10 November 2013

Name Unveiling! What's In A Name?

Da da! Yep, it's finally here, the moment to shout the name of my recently announced Christmas book from the rooftops.
 (out on 1st December)
I am often asked how I come up with titles for my books and the truth is there is no specific formula. The idea for The Christmas Spirit came to me one night as I lay in bed, and I knew I had to write it. I didn't publicise it until last week, as I wasn't sure it would be finished in time for this Christmas, but once I started writing, it just flowed and flowed. I toyed with simply Christmas Spirit, but preferred the title I've gone with.  Giving your novel a name is a big moment - for me it makes the book become a reality; it will get written. It's right up there with naming your first born. You have to make sure the name does the book justice.
People ask, what came first, the title or the idea? Well, in this case they both came together and then the characters tumbled out one after the other. With The Dating Game it was different. Originally it was meant to be a working title, but eventually I liked it so much, I just kept it - either that or I was too lazy or knackered to change it!
Sign of the Times was more intriguing. Initially I called it Zodiac, and wrote a great part of it, thinking it was called Zodiac, but then as time went on, I discovered another author had a book called Zodiac, so I changed it to Sign of the Times, which in retrospect I am much happier with. It also gives me more scope for the title of the continuation. For the record, Danielle Steele has a book called Dating Game, but that didn't put me off! And now, the Times' cartoonist, Peter Brookes has brought out a book called Sign of the Times, too - grrr!  I guess there really are only so many names to go around.
And, checking Amazon, just when I was sure there was no other The Christmas Spirit, I found one!
I guess my theory pans out then, eh?!
I should really check out the titles of my next three books, see if there are any other contenders, although I already know there are several What Ifs.  Oh yes, I already know the titles of the next three books and have known for at least a year. I just need the time to write them!
Keep a lookout for a book review on the blog on Friday. We're almost back to business as usual, although a punishing schedule to get The Christmas Spirit ready for its 1st December launch might slow me down a bit!
Next Monday I have a real treat for you. I am so proud of it and it's not even my own work! I'll be unveiling the cover for The Christmas Spirit and it is GORGEOUS! Sorry, but I can say that, as I'm not blowing my own trumpet - all the work of Brad Covey, my fab cover designer. I can't wait to share it with you all.
Have a great week everyone


  1. Well, you know how I choose mine - even all the short story titles!!!

  2. It's such an important and satisfying moment isn't it? I also find that with short pieces such as blog titles.

  3. Good luck with your new book. I'm looking forward to seeing the cover design.