Thursday, 14 February 2013

A Special Valentine's Post

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Hope you enjoy it, whether you are shirking the commercial nature of the day, being inundated with roses and chocolates, or celebrating singledom and happy about it.

I thought it might be fun to ask Gill's dates what they would get her for Valentine's Day, if they were lucky enough to still be with her then, and where they would take her on the night itself. So let's hear what the guys from The Dating Game had to say. Enjoy!
First up - Anton!
Well, I would probably buy her tickets to a Shostakovich concert, or perhaps Stravinsky, as I know she loves classical music. If money were no object, I'd love to take her to Vienna, to the concert hall there. In reality, perhaps I'd take her to a Russian restaurant, to see what she makes of our cuisine and culture. It's not all borscht you know. That's beetroot soup, to those who don't know.

Next- Charlie.

Well, depending on how well I knew her by then, it might be lingerie from Agent Provacateur - expensive, I know, but worth it. I can just picture her curves in a little number I saw in their window recently.
I'd take her to a spa hotel, where she could be pampered and we could stay overnight and eat seafood and drink fine wines. Of course, it would have to be a few days before or after the day itself, as I spend Valentine's Day with my daughter.

Sean - Hmm. Let's see. I don't really know her well enough yet to decide, although I'd like to, so I might try and get her some Irish handmade chocolates and a huge A2 size card.
If there were any good gigs on, I'd take her to one of those, after a meal at a traditional Scottish restaurant. In fact, I still have some contacts in the music industry, let me see what tickets I can get.

Gary - Oh wow, what a question. What do women like? I'd probably go to Frasers or Debenhams and ask the sales assistant's advice on the 'in' perfume to get. And I love to get girls soft toys - all women like teddy bears, don't they? I'd go to Build A Bear and design one specially. And roses never go wrong do they?
I'd take her to a fine dining restaurant, preferably small and intimate, but nothing too flashy.

Liam - I'd like to buy her a dress. She has a beautiful figure and she covers it up far too much. She has great legs. I'd also buy her a bracelet, necklace or some other piece of jewellery - not too expensive - don't want to scare her off - it's early days yet.
I'd take her to a restaurant far from the city, or perhaps I would cook for her. Yes, in fact, I would cook for her. I love to cook and without boasting, I'm pretty good. I'd set my dining room up like a small restaurant, to show I had made the effort and to have everything perfect.

Well, guys and girls, these are just some of the men Gill dates in THE DATING GAME. So which do you think she should choose? And which scenario interests you most?

Tune in tomorrow for an interview with US chicklit author Meredith Schorr  and enjoy the rest of Valentine's Day.

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