Sunday, 6 January 2013

Exclusive excerpt from The Dating Game 6/1

Morning. Well, true to form, my brain cells are depleting as I get older. I completely forgot to sign up for Six Sentence Sunday this week so I can't offer you what I originally intended. Instead I will have to keep you on tenterhooks for another week. So instead, I thought I would give you an excerpt from The Dating Game - see if that whets your appetite. Enjoy!

Apart from an email sent by Debbie into her work account, saying in the subject simply, ‘All is cool.  Spoke to Gerry.  Meet me in Drummonds Kelvingrove at 7,’ Gill barely glanced up all afternoon.

She was vaguely aware of Janice shouting goodnight just after five, and next time she glanced at her watch it was quarter past six.  Hurriedly, she logged into her email and brought up the profiles.

Number One – yes, he looked even better on the big screen.  Charlie Prentice.  Broad shoulders always did it for her.  Maybe he was a mechanic or a shipbuilder, something manual labour related.  On second thoughts, she doubted that, or he wouldn’t be on a Professional Persons dating site.  More like Blue Collar Workers Are Us.  There was nothing wrong with blue collar workers of course, she thought.  On the contrary…  Gill thought back many years, to Paul, a production worker at the local factory which made ball bearings and other parts for the automotive industry.  The sex had been fantastic.  Gill hastily pulled herself back to the present, feeling a touch aroused at her reminiscing.


 Candidate Profile

Name:  Charlie Prentice

Age:  44

Lives:  South side Glasgow

Occupation:  Surveyor

Qualifications:  BSc Hons Environmental Management and Planning

Height:  6’ 1”

Marital status:  Divorced

Children:  One daughter, aged twelve

Smoker:  No

Interests:  Playing and watching rugby, swimming, socialising with friends, mountain climbing, dining out, cooking, travelling

Further information:  Originally from Barra, I moved to Glasgow when I started university and ended up staying here.

Looking to meet:  A woman who likes socialising and who is open to romance.  She should be independent but enjoy being part of a couple.


Divorced?  With a daughter.  So he had some baggage, but didn’t they all? Gill thought.  It was a plus that he didn’t smoke.  No wonder he had that build, if he played rugby, and the swimming would account for those gorgeous shoulders.  Blond, shortish hair, blue eyes.  Yes, there was a real possibility she’d feel some sort of spark, she thought, if she could meet him in the flesh.  And he shared some of the same interests as her, travelling, dining out and he could cook!  That had to be a bonus.  Just as long as he didn’t expect her to cook for him, or any friendship would be over before it began.  Domestic goddess she wasn’t.  And ‘open to romance,’ should that be interpreted, as ‘wants sex’?  It was hard to know.  You’d really have to give the guy the benefit of the doubt.  She quite liked the Western Isles lilt, too.  Charlie sounded promising.
Well, that's all for today. Hope that intrigued  you a little.
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Tune in on Monday, as the wonderful Maria Savva will be interviewing me and I have to say I really enjoyed her questions, plus there's a very special profile I had to write...
Enjoy your Sunday, Sooz


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