Sunday, 4 November 2012

Sunday competition - Where would be the ideal date?


Saturday's competition has been answered correctly this morning by xcardiffgirlx. The answer was I will set part of my next book in Hong Kong. Congratulations on being entered into the draw!

Now, turning to today's competition. It's very simple.  Last week on the blog, we talked about the worst blind dates. All I want to know (keeping it clean!) is where would your ideal date be, if you could choose anywhere the world and why? Just leave a comment on the blog to that effect with your email address  The date I like the sound of best, will be entered into the Amazon £10 ($15) draw. See, that was easy!

Don't forget to use Rafflecopter to say you have entered the competition, as you will earn more entries into the Great Kindle Ebook Giveaway Raffle - 54 ebooks!

Click here to go to the launch post, featuring more info on The Dating Game and the Rafflecopter draw.

And, of course, if you don''t have your copy of my new novel, The Dating Game yet, you can get it here:- (UK) (US & other .com)  Everyone purchasing a copy before Fri 9th November, automatically earns an entry into the Amazon voucher draw.

Good luck and I will be back tomorrow with another exciting competition, in Day 4 of the Dating Game launch party!


  1. At the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris because:

    a) Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world
    b) the view from the top of the Eiffel Tower is breathtaking
    c) each time you go up there is a really memorable occasion - I still remember the first time I went to the top, more years ago than I'm prepared to confess (on a business trip, with a male work colleague - we were teased for weeks afterwards that there must be something going on between us)
    d) if I liked the look of the chap I met up there on the blind date, I could use my fear of heights as a great excuse to swoon into his arms!

  2. Sorry, just realised I put in old/defunct name in my comment above and if you click on it, it tells you I don't exist any more (or words to that effect!) Hhere's the right one - I hope! :)

  3. Iceland and spend time together under the pretty Northern Lights :)

  4. on behalf of Paul (evanescence7041) who has had huge problems trying to leave his comment today:-
    'My ideal date would be in Felix Baumgartner's hot air balloon at 100,000 feet. Stunning view.'

  5. In Melbourne, Australia. I know a musician there, last time he was in the U.S. he made a quick trip to San Diego to meet me, we had a wonderful time. Now I would like to go out with him in his city, no matter where, the guy has very good taste.

  6. All great destinations so far, guys. I guess I am going to have difficulty picking a winner to be entered into the Amazon draw. Will try to announce one around noon tomorrow. Sooz x

  7. I think Scotland would be wonderful touring a beautiful castle. I think that would make a great date.
    Sue B

  8. Basically, wherever my husabnd is (even if it's at home), but if I had to pick one place, it would be sitting on the top of Hounds Tor on a warm summer's day, drinking champagne and looking out over the whole of Devon with no cars and barely another person in sight, and just an occasional pony. It's like time has stood still.

  9. For me it would have to be the local animal sanctuary. I'm a keen animal lover myself and I believe you can tell a lot about a person by how they react to animals. So I would get to help out at the sanctuary and also learn the stuff that a person on a first date might be keen to hide. Win/win situation.

  10. Pulau Tioman - it's a tiny island off the east coast of mainland Malaysia. And don't fly - that takes you to a resort. Rather get the ferry from Mersing, get off at ABD. The only track is barely wide enough for a motor bike. Huts sit back on the steep slope leading into the jungle - you wander up with monitor lizards and a chorus of monkeys. Palm trees line the beach. The sea is gloriously clear and beach shacks have food and beer. What more would you need?