Friday, 5 October 2012

Review of The Violin Man's Legacy by Seumas Gallacher

Yep, it's Friday and we are back to our standard day for reviews - apologies for any confusion the last few weeks, but there has been a lot going on. So, here's my review for The Violin Man's Legacy, which I know has had at least 16,000 paid downloads. Enjoy!

Thriller with bloody twists and turns as ruthless killers meet their match in a former SAS hit squad.

Jack Calder is an ex-SAS soldier working with former colleagues at ISP, a specialist security firm. He is sent to investigate a murderous diamond heist in Holland, but swiftly learns that there is a very strong Far East connection. He then travels to Hong Kong where he meets the glamorous chief of ISP's local bureau, May-Ling.
I started reading this book months ago, but I wasn’t really in the mood to read a thriller, so only came back to it a few weeks ago.  The title and the cover of The Violin Man’s Legacy, which has a picture of a gun on it, attracted me initially. I was intrigued as to what violins and guns had in common, as I am a big lover of classical music.

I love crime novels and thrillers, so thought I would give this one a go. I particularly liked that it had an international feel and as a keen traveller, I could recognise some of the places that I had been to; Amsterdam, Hong Kong, South America. I especially liked the portrayal of corruption in South America, and found that to be in keeping with what I have always imagined to be the case there.

The beginning of the novel is set in Glasgow, of which I a native, so Jack’s background and family history starting off in Govan also appealed to me.  Of course, this is an area close to the author’s heart, too, being himself from Glasgow originally.  There is a very poignant moment which connects the violin and Glasgow, but you will have to read it to find out what it is!

It’s clear the novel has been well researched.  Perhaps the author has a related background.  The detail gone into with regard to the Triads, the SAS, how operations are carried out, as well as the lengths the SAS go to look after their own is second to none.

Plus there’s a love interest, in the form of sexy sidekick May-Ling!

The almost report-like style would appeal to many, particularly, if I may say so, men (I can think of several family members and male friends who would like this book) If you enjoy books light on description, but solid on narrative, with plenty of dialogue, then this is for you.

In my opinion, fans of Lee Child and Jack Higgins would enjoy The Violin Man’s Legacy.

You can buy The Violin Man’s Legacy from Amazon UK - and Amazon US (& other .com sites) -
You can also visit Seumas Gallacher's Amazon Author page and find out more about his new novel , Vengeance Wears Black, here:-  UK - and US (& sites) -
Tune in on Sunday when we return to Six Sentence Sunday - time to meet another character from Sign of the Times but who will it be?
Have a great weekend everyone. I am having 2 days 'off' whilst my book is at the proofreader and then back to work with a vengeance (no pun intended!)

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