Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Gill's Dating Profile and my hypothetical one!

Ta da! The last post (and not in the song way!) before The Dating Game launch on Friday!
So, I thought it fitting to share with you a little flavour of The Dating Game in the shape of Gill's dating profile. Now, I personally have never used a dating agency, or an online agency, but if I had I, too, would have had to write a profile.
I also wonder what I would have done with the profiles I received, would I have devoured the photo first, or surveyed every detail of the text?  Now, much as I would like to say that I would ignore the photo and focus immediately on the person's written profile, I am too honest to lie! Of course I would want to see if I found the person physically attractive first! There's a lot to be said for chemistry and I'm not talking about Bunsen burners!

Now, you know nothing about Gill, the protagonist, apart from a few Six Sentence Sunday snippets, so here's her profile. I think it will be interesting to see your thoughts, given you don't have any description about her.  Her potential dates would see from her photo (which we clearly don't have)

So without further ado meet Gill!

Candidate Profile

Name:  Gill McFadden

Age:  37

Lives:  Glasgow

Occupation:  Company Director

Qualifications:  BEng

Height: 5’7

Marital status:  Single

Smoker:  No

Interests:  Socialising with friends, going to the cinema, eating out, Zumba, travelling and ice skating.

Further information:  From Glasgow, I qualified as an engineer, but then moved into Recruitment Consultancy.  I set up my own agency three years ago.

Looking to meet:  Someone in their late thirties to late forties, who is open, honest, fun to be with and who can be relied upon.  It would be good to meet someone who is open to trying new activities.
Now, guys would you be interested in dating Gill, and girls, could you see yourself socialising with her?
I thought it would be fun,  to write a dating profile for myself
So here goes!
Name: Susan Buchanan
Age: just about to hit the big 40! Cards and presents willingly received (and if Laura's reading this, remind me about you making my birthday cake!)
Occupation: Author/Future JK Rowling - in my wildest!
Qualifications: MA in French and Hispanic Studies (but for some reason my most fluent language is Italian...)
Height - Slightly taller than a smurf, a tad shorter than Maria Sharapova! 5 feet, 4 and a half inches.  Don't forget the half! It puts me just above the West of Scotland average!
Marital status: Probably couldn't put that I live with my beloved. Darn!
Smoker - Nope!
Interests: Travelling, reading, writing, languages, eating out, eating in, cinema, running when haven't injured self, finding ways to spend less time on Twitter per day than I do, and last but by no means least, Rupert Penry Jones.
Further information - Originally from a small town between Glasgow and Stirling, I now live in the buzzing metropolis which is Hamilton, Scotland (people have already thought I am from Ontario!) I worked in International Sales for 16 years and then got out of the rat race and decided to write, which is proving even harder work, although thoroughly enjoyable.
Looking to meet- no-one, as my other half is perfect (well, I had to say that in case he reads the blog!) The no-one was correct. Him being perfect wasn't - no one is, except maybe Rupert Penry Jones!
However, if I were single, it would read something like this :-
Someone in their late thirties to late mid forties. (Er, have just realised that Gill has got the rest pretty spot on. I really can't better that.)  So, yes, open, honest, reliable, who knows how to have fun. A cute smile and beautiful eyes always help, too! 
Right, that's it from me. But I would LOVE to hear a piece of what your dating profile would say. Choose any piece at all, and leave a comment on the blog.
Next post is on Friday, when The Dating Game will be live, we will have lift off, and the fun, games, competition for Amazon voucher, and The Great Kindle Ebook Giveaway begin!
Don't miss it!!
Have a great day



  1. .. slightly taller than a Smurf chuckle, chuckle! I'm only 5' 2" myself, so that made me laugh out aloud. Wishing you all the best for Friday!

    1. Tee hee! Excellent, I am bigger than someone. I always have to laugh at my other half, who calls me The Smurf. He is 5' 8", hardly a giant! Thanks re Fri. Back to bed for me now, not used to 4.15am rises!

  2. Under further information I would say "Would love to be in the audience for a Maury Povich show"
    Guys get a kick out of that comment because its such a sleazy show, but at least its classier than Jerry Springer.
    Best of luck Sooz!

    1. Ellie, it must be the Brit/US divide, but you always come up with guys I have never heard of! Must Google this 'dude'!

  3. Ha! Loved reading your profile, Sooz. For the record, you are quite a bit taller than me. At 5'1 1/2, I am almost Smurf size! :)

    I am not the dating service type, but if I were to fill out that Happy Ever After form, I would change Looking to Meet to "If I Should Happen to Run Into This Fellow, I'd Be Delighted" - 35-45, tall, dark hair, blue eyes, some kind of sexy accent, non-smoker, intelligent, hard worker, loves dogs, great sense of humor, even-tempered, and fit but not sport-obsessed.

    1. Really!! This post lark has been a revelation. Half the world is smaller than me! yay! Accents and eyes are good. Yes, for you, absolute pre-requisite loves dogs. Good chance of that I reckon! That is quite a list. Maybe Santa will be good to you this year!

  4. Good luck for Friday, Susan :)

  5. Geez! Now I definitely feel like an Amazon next to all of you! I'm the tallest out of my mom, sisters and even my brother and I'm only 5'5" Have fun on Friday!

    1. ha ha! I know, I almost feel like that myself and now one of my Twitter friends has just told me she is 4' 10"!

    2. Name: Michele Rybak
      Age: 43
      Occupation: Writer but also disabled
      Qualifications: BA in communictions MBA in screwing up a lot
      Height - I have a traditional Scottish build and reach a whole 5'2
      Marital status: Unknown at this time
      Smoker - Yes but quitting
      Interests: reading, writing, psychology, eating out, astronomy, walking, swimming, my flowers that I plant,the beach, sunsets,painting, crafting, photography
      Looking to meet- no-one, as my other half would flip out

  6. The Dating Game sounds like one red hot read. When I was online dating I remember one guy asked me if I fancied a game of naked squash. WTF???? Can you imagine the bruises in wierd places you'd get? on the upside it inspired my novel Her Ten Year Itch www.tinyurl.com/tenyearitch. Wishing you a lot of success with the launch babes.

  7. Thanks Emma! Naked squash? Was he out of his mind?! Playing normal squash killed me and Gill in The Dating Game talks squash too. You'll need to read it to find out if it was naked squash though! Will try to remember to check out your book after launch week. You have caught my interest! Sooz