Sunday, 9 September 2012

Six Sentence Sunday 9/9/12

Yep, it's Six Sentence Sunday again! Since I am so entrenched in editing, Sundays just seem to arrive very quickly. As I said last week, that was your last peek at The Dating Game before it goes live mid-October.
But, for now, here's an excerpt from my first novel, Sign of the Times

"But how could you trust him again? I love my wife, but I can’t forgive what she’s done. She’s going to have his child! They’ve taken from us what we’ve always wanted – a family. And the worst of it is, they probably don’t care or even realise the damage they’ve done. It’s not just the being unfaithful; it’s the loss of our being able to be parents any time soon."

As always, if you wish to see the other Six Sentence Sunday entrants, click here after 2pm UK time (9am EST) -

And, if the above excerpt has whetted your appetite for Sign of the Times, you can buy it here: (UK) &  (US & other .com)

Tune in tomorrow for an interview with one of Sign of the Times' heroes - but which one!


  1. Hi Susan, that was an intriguing six! I really want to know what happens before and after that bit! I think I'll get a copy of the book!

    1. hi Denise - glad you liked it. I actually changed one of the words, (a name), so that I wouldn't give too much away. Hope you enjoy the book and thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. Sooz

  2. I am LOVING your book! I hope to finish it soon so I can put a review etc.

    Sophie (Libra)

    1. hi Sophie
      thanks so much! Look forward to seeing the review. If you haven't got to Libra yet, you are in for a treat. Jack is a hot, older guy!