Friday, 24 August 2012

Review - Feria - A Spanish Comedy by N E David

Thank Crunchie it's Friday (no product placement intended - although now I come to think of it, I could fair go a Crunchie. But breakfast first! And before that, this week's review.
A fun novella which you will devour quickly. If anyone can help me get my font size back to normal, even better! Enjoy!

I was asked by the author if I would provide an independent review and provided with a review copy of Feria. I've given this 4 stars and my one phrase to describe it would be 'Fun Portrayal of Spanish Village Life'

I was instantly drawn to this novel by the Flamenco dancer on the cover. I am a fluent Spanish speaker and have lived a couple of times in Spain, so it's fair to say that I love all things Spanish.

Product Details

Feria is a charming novella, humorous and accurate in many ways, if a little stereotypical (but it's intentional) of Spanish village life. From the lazy, drunk Police Chief, to the unfaithful Mayor, the local boy with no property who admires the pretty girl, but has no chance, since he has no worldly goods. I particularly enjoyed the aspects around which the story is set, namely the Feria or feast day. The 'hiccup' which occurs to proceedings and the many hilarious ancecdotes then related, involving goats, tuba players and vats of paella, will make you smile. I have been to events like this in Italy, but they are similar to those in Spain. If you want to laugh whilst finding out about Spanish village life and the pride that goes into their Feast days, then 'Feria' is for you.

You can buy Feria at the links below: (UK) & (US &

And I'll see you all back here Sunday for the latest instalment of The Dating Game - I am writing the 2nd last chapter, so I hope to finish it over the weekend. Am so excited! Have a great weekend, everyone. Sooz

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