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Triple Whammy Book Review!

Yep, it's that time again, and here's my Book Review Nr 2 - which is a little bit special, as I have read all of this author's books.  She was also the first indie author I read.  I can't wait for her fourth book to come out in a few months, but for now, let's look at those first three.
The books, by the way, are the work of non other than Terry Tyler
Am going to review them in the order I read them, although just so you know, You Wish was released first.

Nobody's Fault

Excellent read if you like mystery and twists

I found this book very different to I expected, but in a good way. For some reason I had it in my mind that it was an out and out thriller. It isn't exactly. More it is a tale of a dysfunctional family and how each element of the family copes with the crisis that has presented itself. I liked the voice used and each character I could envisage in my head quite easily. I could imagine them speaking the words they spoke, crying the tears they did, throwing wobblers, etc. I particularly sympathised with Tara, who was my favourite character. Ria had little to endear her to me, and I wanted to slap her hard a few times, but she did rescue herself a little towards the end. Cat I could see oh so clearly and was only glad I didn't have a daughter like her, not that it was all her fault. I really enjoyed the way first one, then the second, then finally a third major plot-line were all woven together. They were very distinct, but I thought the author carried it off wonderfully. I had no idea of the massive twist in the tale until very very near the end and I am sure I am not alone in that.

You can buy Nobody's Fault here:- (UK) & (US & other .com)

You Wish -

You Wish...

Gritty realism peppered with magic

Having already read Nobody's Fault and thoroughly enjoyed it, I was keen to read You Wish. Both tales have one main plot with several sub-plots sewn in and a variety of characters whose lives overlap somewhere along the line. The way drug usage can ruin someone's life and their friends'/family's too, was particularly well portrayed, as was how being utterly fixated on someone can become a very unhealthy obsession. I also enjoyed how the current events related to the past and how this was conveyed and continually woven throughout the story. There are many elements that I am sure most of us can relate to, both as adults and that we can remember from our teenage years; the cruelty of teenagers, what it is to be in the in crowd, the lies teenagers tell. The use of Facebook in the story was paramount and in two instances unveils the real person inside as well as the superficiality. The magical wishing stone, which I am sure we would all like to have, was key throughout and kept me guessing right to the end.

You can buy You Wish here:- (UK) & (US & other .com)

And the most recent addition to the family of books is..

Product Details

Complex and thought-provoking

Having read Terry Tyler's other two books, I  was looking forward to the new one. I'm sure we've all thought at some point in our lives, what would have happened if things had turned out differently. I would recommend trying to digest this book in a couple of sittings, rather than dipping into for 5 mins per day, as it is quite complex and you would risk getting lost otherwise. Not that devouring it in one or a few sittings should be any problem. As soon as I was able to do that, I was hooked and remembered who all the characters were and when and where. The book delves into the past quite a bit, so you need to engage your brain to follow! The characters are superbly written. I loathed Katja with a vengeance and couldn't find a single redeeming feature. I alternately felt sorry and then wanted to give a stern talking to Cathy. I empathised with Alexa and wished Sandie had had someone close to help her. The Other Side addresses the issues of alcoholism, vanity, selfishness,drudgery, insecurity among others. And I loved the book, but couldn't quite decide if I still preferred Nobody's Fault, the first book I had read of Terry Tyler's...until I reached the last third of the book..I eventually worked out one part of the mystery, but not until it was unveiled to me and I thought all the twists and turns had already been answered, was the even bigger twist revealed. I couldn't help feeling the whole thing was karma. For the ending alone, I have to give it a huge thumbs up.

You can buy The Other Side here:- (UK) & (US & other .com)

Check back in next Friday for my no-holds barred interview with Terry.  Naturally there will be other stuff going on before then, but make sure to put Friday in the diary! Sooz

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