Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Beating Procrastination

Hi everyone - well, on advice from a few people, I have decided to cut the blog posts back to once a week and an occasional surprise one, when I have time. I am aware that I am under pressure (self-imposed) to finish The Dating Game and have it edited and ready by the end of the year, so the more time spent writing the novel the better. 
And that brings me to today's subject - Procrastination. I actually owe this title to one of my tweeps - Susan Louineau - she captured perfectly what has happened to me this past week. I am not known for procrastinating generally, far from, I am usually a whirlwind.  However, whilst I am an author, I also have other commitments (as do other authors, who will relate to this on various levels) and when you neglect those commitments, to allow you to write; family, friends, housework, sometimes you need a reboot to get back on track. I made my last post last Tue, a full 7 days ago. That was also the last day I wrote until today.  Now I am refreshed and back in gear.  Writing can be all-consuming and it's great when you are in the zone, engaging with your characters and you have the time to do so.  But when you're not in the mood, it can feel like a chore and mainly you just get through that, a bit like forcing yourself to go out running in the rain when you are training for a 10K or half-marathon and would much rather be sat on the sofa eating Galaxy and watching quiz shows.  There are times though when it makes sense to give yourself a break, grab a book to read and well, eat Galaxy (you can substitute Galaxy with any other brand - it works the same). 
The point is, there will always be something which prevents you from writing, something else that needs done. Find when is the best time for you to write, even if you have to keep a diary of when you feel freshest and happiest to write and get writing! Have a goal - whether it's 1000 words or 200 words.
How do you get over procrastination? Remember how you feel, the satisfaction, the joy when you have completed a passage, a chapter, a character schematic, a plot development. Hold onto that thought. Take it with you, switch off Emmerdale, stop channel hopping or rid yourself of whatever distraction is in your way (NB turfing your children out of the house for peace and quiet is only ok if they are over 16!)
I can't guarantee you will write, but the likelihood is definitely a lot higher.
Until next time, Sooz
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