Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Research & minor characters

Well, hurrah for me. I did what I said I would do, wrote before noon.  Ok, it was 11.59, but still before noon. Have penned just over 1000 words and plan to do more later this afternoon/evening.  Chapter five not finished yet, but happy with progress. So far, have had to check whether there is a calving season (well, there's a lambing season!) and check what kind of industries there are electrical engineering jobs in.  One of the characters goes to a dating agency and I wrote part of their dating profile last night, but I was not convinced.  Having perused lots of different templates/ideas on the web, I couldn't decide on the tone, so I scribbled down what I was sure of, and put in red what I wasn't and what is still missing. I know that in the next 36 hours that profile will come together and it's partly because I am still getting to know the character. I like to do chapter plans, individual character plans, not only for the key characters and for the rest, I just write! must dash! Sooz x
PS Might be adding some short stories in serial format to the blog in the next week or so, once I can work out how to divide all the sections up.  Stay tuned!

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