Sunday, 29 April 2012

Consistency and Continuity Errors

Hi everyone - now let's face it there are fewer of you at the weekend dropping by , particularly when weather is nice (not that it is here), so shorter post and only one on a weekend day. Since I didn't rattle one off yesterday, here I am today!
Productive morning - 2100 words - really happy - very virtuous and end of scene.
As well as writing on Friday, I also did the second draft of the first two chapters of The Dating Game and sent them to my editor. We will be having a little editorial meeting tomorrow, since I haven't actually told her much about what the book is about, so need to rectify that.

Consistency and Continuity Errors
As I edited on Friday, I realised that in the three early chapters I wrote of The Dating Game, almost three years ago, even thought I have clearly read them again recently, I have forgotten some elements.  For example, I had called one of Gill's dates Charlie, but earlier had alluded to a previous boyfriend being called Charlie.  Had to change that.  I also noticed that whereas I had put her as living in Shawlands in the south side of Glasgow at the beginning, this had morphed into Queens Park a few chapters later! This is why I try as much as possible to make character Word Docs with all of their attributes, but I'd obviously missed a few.  All corrected now.
I like to write about real places, even if sometimes I change the names, as I did with some of the smaller towns and villages in Sign of the Times, as they were improved versions of places where I have lived.
But, when you mention real places, you have to get the detail spot on. There will be someone who knows that it takes you a good twenty minutes at a brisk pace to walk from the west end part of Sauchiehall St in Glasgow to the city centre end.
Likewise, I like to include food and restaurants in my writing. I love food and am a bit of a foodie, although not quite so good at cooking it, but I do try.  I take the food almost directly from the current day menus and work it into my novel.  I also need to visit the restaurant (usually not a problem, as I like to eat out!) and work on the description for the decor, the way the staff are dressed etc.  Be sure to know what is round about the area you are describing, as locals will know.
Remembering characters likes and dislikes is also key to avoiding continuity errors. You can't have someone with a shellfish allergy tucking in to garlic & chilli mussels a few chapters on.
Right, that's my words of wisdom for today - off out for lunch, Sooz
and if you've polished off your Sunday lunch and can't get up out of your chair - feel free to download Sign of the Times - £1.53 -  to relax with.

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