Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Changing the Rules

I have been so good today - I must admit to breaking yesterday's promise of writing my chapter, after writing my blog, but I am glad I didn't.  I wasn't really in the mood and generally, I push myself on, when I am not in the mood to write, but the scene I am writing between Gill and Anton is so key to the novel, that I wanted to get it just right - the nuances, the mood, everything.  By waiting until this morning, I have managed to rattle off 2000 words (thus making up for yesterday's lack of word count) and I have the scene the way I want it.
By Changing the Rules, what I meant was what happened to me today.  Or perhaps I should have called it Additional Viewpoints. I mentioned previously that I missed having 12 main characters as in Sign of the Times (essential due to the fact that each character represented a starsign).  In The Dating Game, there is the narrator, who tells the action seen through Gill's eyes only.  Well, not any more. Today, Anton told me he wanted a speaking part!  And not just in the dialogue either.  I love this about writing. Sometimes strong characters come along and convince you that their viewpoint needs represented.  Less frequently they demand it, but Anton seems to have crept into my consciousness without my knowing it and told me to deviate from the original plan. Fair enough!  I also like the possibility to show events from a male and female's perspective. I am a great fan of authors who do this, as it can be very hard to carry off, but excellent to read when it works.  I also decided last night on which ending I am going to go with (I think).  I really enjoy having this blog, as apart from focusing me, it will be a record of how I arrived where I did, once the novel is finished.  I'm now even considering if any other characters should also have their say, but more on that once I've decided. 

I said yesterday that I would mention a few quotes from people who have read Sign of the Times, but haven't done reviews.  I get these comments by email, via Twitter or occasionally by text.  My personal favourite is first.
1) "I could be Dario, no danger.Ok I’m not tanned nor 6 foot plus nor do I have a body like Adonis nor do I own a beautiful villa but I make a cracking spaghetti bolognese.   
Susan, is Shirley the hill walker, based on anyone you know? If so get her mobile # for me. 
Seriously it’s a cracking wee read and for £1.53 it’s a bloody bargain. Well done you"
2) ' Who's Dario based on? I wouldn't kick him out of bed!'
3) 'I for one would love to read a spin-off.  I liked everyone, but probably liked Holly, Jennifer & Maria the best.  Oh and Dario sounds delicious!'
4) 'Is Tom your boyfriend?'
5) 'I'm really amazed at how you describe the different personalities - you are really good! There is no-one that I feel is fake.And you give everyone something likeable.  Although I think Lucy goes a little (!!) too far, I like her anyway.
6) 'I bet you ladies all like that Dario chap'
7) 'you like your Italian heroes, don't you?' 
8) Just finished your book. Really liked it.  That Holly's one strong woman. Ahem-ahem King's River? Kilburn?  Hello-oooo-oooo. I thought for a moment I was Antonia, but I realised I wasn't that organised.'
For the record, the reference to King's River, is because I modelled those two places on places that actually exist, but changed the names.
Back tomorrow - have a good day, Sooz


  1. Hi Susan,
    Thanks for directing me to your blog - loads to read here :-) I'm looking forward to reading signs of the times, and seeing what your Aries character is like!
    Be back soon,

    1. Hi Jo, you are very welcome. Hope it's useful to you. I think you will like the Aries character, not least because he is of the opposite sex and a mountain rescue volunteer! Sooz